Thoughts of a Man


Thoughts of a Man is a hard book to describe in one paragraph. It’s a raw and honest perspective of human nature, politics, religion and questions. It’s a gutsy little book with a big emotional charge. Thoughts dare to challenge sacred cows with an irreverent tempo and shouts of political incorrectness. But the book is also sprinkled with tender compassionate feelings of love, desire, happiness, sadness and romance that are more than just flowery poetry. It’s a serious book, written with intent, warning, advice and wisdom. Throughout the pages you will find compact messages of motivation that slip past intellect to connect with the heart and encourage the pursuit of dreams. Darker thoughts depict disturbing omens looming over America—a yawn of apathy for some; a rallying cry for others. Even if you don’t agree with Thoughts of a Man you will be sharpened by the challenge. It will make you think about life—your life!