Happiness Lost & Found


Happiness Lost & Found is a “make you think” book not a “how to book.” Thinking means you are making choices. But how can you make choices if you aren’t even aware there are options? What if your perception of “normal” leads to misery? Maybe you want to change, but you don’t know what change looks like.

Happiness Lost & Found gives you information to make choices based on solid proven principles and common sense. The choice to cherish life by accepting your death, create healthy meaningful relationships, recognize and avoid destructive relationships, direct your destiny, one decision at a time, obtain purpose by pursuing your dreams, love self and create intimacy with others, forgive emotionally without forgetting, unload shame; their shame/your shame, grow beyond the traumas of your past, take responsibility for your misery/happiness, and much more…

Have you given up on happiness or know someone who has? Are you in a troubled relationship or not sure how to advise someone who is? Are you in a good relationship but want to enrich it and strengthen it? Have you stopped dreaming and settled for a mediocre life or need inspiration and encouragement? Are you searching for wisdom and confidence through these confusing times? Are you ready for a solid richer life? Your journey begins now. Don’t wait! Read Happiness Lost & Found.