Happiness Lost & Found


The idea for Happiness Lost & Found was conceived on an Indian Reservation while I was facilitating a domestic violence class. A Native American man spoke out, “Randy you are always telling us how #@*%! our lives are; we know how #@*%! our lives are; just tell us how to do it right.” He was right! Pointing out dysfunction or self-destructive behavior without offering solutions creates a vacuum of confusion and frustration. Thus came the writing of Happiness Lost & Found.

I wrote, taught and refined Happiness Lost & Found over a twelve year time span while counseling on Indian Reservations, Child Protective Services and Private Practice. Every chapter has been tested in thousands of hours of facilitating and counseling—if it wasn’t effective it was revised or thrown out. Therefore, every chapter carries a powerful punch that encourages the reader to think, instead of react through life. It is a calm voice of reason and good advice in these confusing times.