About Randy

I was born in Bolivia, South America and grew up bilingual and bi-cultural in Bolivia and the United States. For a time, I lived a rootless, restless life in search of identity and purpose. I married young and joined the US Army where I served in Germany. My search continued to Alabama, the oil fields of Wyoming, back to Bolivia and then back to America.

I studied and obtained a Master’s Degree in Counseling, specializing in Marriage and Family. I’m now a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington. My scope of practice has been counseling and the treatment of domestic violence perpetrators. I presently facilitate Life Skills classes for parents involved with Child Protective Services. For the past twelve years I have established and facilitated domestic violence treatment programs on American Indian Reservations.

Throughout my journey I’ve never strayed from my true passion—writing. I’ve been scribbling impromptu notes on whatever is available since childhood. My first book, Happiness Lost and Found is a compilation of wisdom from the trenches, education and life experience. My book is not a practicum thesis written from behind a desk to further a career. It’s a tested and refined guide with practical solutions to universal struggles that plague all humans.

I currently live in a cabin on ten acres in the emerald forests of Washington State. I remain married to the love of my youth and continue to write. I’m a proud father and grandfather and have completed a second book under the pen name Syrus Pakai called Thoughts of a Man.

Why Syrus Pakai?
As a counselor I didn’t feel free to express my personal views so I created anonymity under the name Syrus Pakai. In addition, I use therapeutic poetry in my practice to evoke emotions. The poems had to come from a neutral source free from association to me to encourage honest expression of emotion.

My worldview was deeply influenced by my upbringing in Bolivia where revolutions, coups, dictators and unrest were common. But in the chaos there was soul, raw beauty, passion and vibrant life. There was untamed nature, a diversity of people, languages, cultures, foods, music, exotic animals, forbidden mountains, jungles, ancient ruins and mystery. You experienced life instead of rushing through it.

Bolivia ebbed and flowed in political uncertainty during my formative years. Che Guevara was gunned down near the boarding school where I lived. During unrest, mobs would spill out into the streets shooting guns in the air and at times the entire country would grind to a halt. The radio would give accounts of gun battles between revolutionaries and military forces and soon it would all be forgotten except for bullet holes where the battles took place. From this background, my personality, character and worldview emerged, but it was only the beginning. I have a deep love for my country, America. I’m a private man who loves to think, write and explore in the wilderness alone.  I also cherish the company and warmth of those I love.